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"I love opening 100 tabs over and over to get info"

- said no one ever

"This browser extension saves me 30-45 minutes every day. All the data I need without opening a 100 tabs."
- Sarah, early user


Our priorities shift rapidly, so should our dashboard
Create, delete and rearrange widgets in a jiffy.
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Stay up to date on what’s happening around you and elsewhere.
Productive does not mean just work, focus on your wellbeing too
Stay healthy, stay in touch, stay happy. Your wellbeing is important too.
Work on multiple products across geographies? We got you covered
A holistic view of how your release and product launch is going. Details are just a click away.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DashOne?
DashOne is a Google Chrome extension that lets you customize your new tab with smart widgets from multiple sources. It helps you with
  • Data at your fingertips
  • Not having to open multiple tabs to access the same information repeatedly
  • Tab hoarding
Read about the ideation behind DashOne.
Who should use DashOne?
Everyone! DashOne is designed with everyone in mind. Check out our use cases page for examples.
Why should I trust DashOne with my data?
Kudos for exercising caution! DashOne was designed with privacy in mind and here's why you should trust us -
  • All your data, including your access tokens are stored locally in your browser
  • DashOne communicates with respective integrations directly from the browser. We funnel requests through our servers only when absolutely necessary. We do not store or log any sensitive data.
  • DashOne is owned by an independent maker, and we have NO interest in reselling your data.
See our privacy policy for more info.
What apps do you integrate with?
We currently integrate with the following
  • Weather
  • Quotes
  • Stock data
  • Sunrise/sunset time
  • Facebook feed
  • Instagram feed
  • LinkedIn feed
  • Google News
  • TechCrunch
  • HackerNews
  • Reuters News
  • CNN Business News
  • Timezone
  • Date countdown
  • Weekends count
  • Top Product Hunt posts
  • Gmail unread email count
  • Outlook/Office 365 unread email count
  • Todoist tasks
  • Twitter Tweet stats
  • Twitter Profile stats
  • Mailchimp subscriber stats
  • Github
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Any generic RSS feed
  • IndieHackers quotes
Don't see something you need? Request an integration and we'll get it added soon.
What are 'premium widgets'?
DashOne provides a ton of free widgets that are free forever. However, there are a few widgets that cost us 💰💰💰to integrate with(eg. Stock ticker). We charge a flat fee for access to all the premium widgets.
I don't want to pay 💰. What are my options?
We understand. Unfortunately, running and maintaining an app like DashOne is expensive.
  • Are you a blogger or a social media influencer? If you write about us, we'll upgrade you to PRO.
  • Are you a teacher or work for a charitable foundation? Let us know and we'll send you a discount code.
You can reach us at


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