What if we told you all the essential info you need is available up-to-date on a single tab?
Even better - available every time
you open a new tab? Read on...

The Origin Story

When I was a Product Manager and an Engineering lead in the past, I often found myself opening the same set of tabs to get the latest data that helped me stay on top of things. My routine involved constant visits to the following tools - developer related(Github), project management(JIRA), and also my personal todo list(Todoist). To stay informed on current affairs and the outside world, I visited ProductHunt, Google News, and Hackers News. I repeated this multiple times a day. I'm sure you do as well. That leads me to - how was I doing this efficiently?I wasn't efficient. I was a tab hoarder. I was frustrated.
"Frustration leads to innovation."
   - Mark Twain or Winston Churchill. It has to be one of them.

Introducing DashOne

Create an auto-updating dashboard of what matters to you. View them every time you open a new tab! I've been using DashOne for a couple of weeks now, and here's what my dashboard looks like. Today.
The reason I stress on 'today' is because it caters to my current needs. Our priorities shift rapidly, so should our dashboard. DashOne lets you create, delete, and rearrange tiles in a jiffy.
Being your 'frontpage' means it should keep up with your momentum. DashOne updates every time you open a new tab and is super fast, loads in under a second.

Not convinced?

Here are a few examples of how DashOne can cater to your needs, no matter which hat you choose to wear.

News Enthusiasts

Today's Product Hunt posts, Timezone, Google News, Hacker News


Stock Tracker, Timezone, CNN Business news, Reuters News


Read Later, Date Countdown, TechCrunch News, Today's Product Hunt posts, Twitter Profile State, Twitter Tweet Stats, Timezone, Mailchimp List Stats, HackerNews

Product & Engineering

Github Unreviewed PR's, Github Review Requests waiting on you, JIRA Release Stats, JIRA Current Sprint Stats, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Date Countdown, Timezone

Your wellbeing

Life tracker, Date Countdown, Sunset/Sunrise time, Timezone, Weekends tracker

About us

DashOne was created by Sharath Prabhal. Prior to becoming a full time independent maker, he had successful stints in Product Management and Engineering. He is building DashOne on his own without any outside support or funding. Support the maker movement!

If you have any further questions, you can reach us at hello@dashone.app.